Monday, February 22, 2010


Grey Jay

Male Pine Grosbeak

I have finished going through my photos from last weeks bog trip. I was happy to end up a with a good photo of a male Pine Grosbeak. Also I was pleased to get another photo of a Grey Jay. As I mentioned before we spent most of the day waiting and photographing Boreal Chickadees, but I did turn the camera around looking for other species.

I don't think Chad and I will get up to the bog again this year, but we do have some other projects in mind. In the next week Chad will be in Florida photographing Great Egrets in breeding plumage, Osprey, Wood Storks, and red-lored Snowy Egrets. Once the ice clears off the lakes we plan on shooting Yellow-headed Blackbirds. Personally, I'll be looking for Eastern Blue Birds this summer.

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