Wednesday, February 3, 2010

There is No Bog About it

There isn't much more to say to what Chad has already said. We had a great trip, good lighting, a little snow, and a great guide! One of my goals was to see and maybe make a good photo of a Northern Hawk Owl. We did see a couple of Hawk Owls, however, we would have needed the Hubble Telescope attached to our camera to make a good photo. As Chad already mentioned, we saw a Great Grey Owl and let me tell you how impressive those are. They average length a of 27 inches for females and 26 inches for males. The wingspan can exceed 60 inches, but averages 56 inches for females and 55 inches for males (From Wikipedia).

Great Grey Owl

Yesterday while shooting Chad said something to me that I really didn't think of at the time. He said we probably each have our best 100 bird photos to date. When I was going through the 500 photos from the trip, I thought about what Chad said a little more, and I have to agree with his statement. We were able to stand and wait for birds to land on perches that had nice clean and smooth backgrounds.

Pine Siskin

After lunch Chad set up to get a good photo of a Boreal Chickadee and I was working on getting a Grey Jay (similar to a Blue Jay). The Grey Jays kept swooping out of the trees gliding to a low perch close to the food they were after. I had a few photos of the Jays sitting on the perch, but I wanted a flight shot with their wings spread to get a little different look. I told Chad what my goal was and that I planned on sitting in the middle of the road until I got what I was looking for, Within 2 minutes of telling Chad what my goal was I GOT IT!!

Grey Jay