Monday, June 28, 2010

Cascade River State Park pt.II

I spent another weekend camping at Cascade River State Park last weekend with some friends. I didn't have Dodger with me so it was a little easier to get close to the falls. Also, a big thanks to Gerald for helping me get my equipment into area's most people don't go!

While walking around and looking for a place to make a new photo I noticed a number of people (amateurs, and pro's) hanging around the same places. The reason they all were in the same places is simple: easy access. That's were is Gerald came into play. I found a rock ledge that I wanted to go out on, but I didn't want to go myself with all my camera gear. So Gerald hopped down first, I handed him my camera and jumped down my self. Once I was down there I new that few other photographers had been there.

Enjoy the view!