Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Center for Biological Diversity

In late October, I was approached by Cassie Holmgren via Flickr from the Center for Biological Diversity asking about a wolf image. The Center for Biological Diversity was looking for photos for their Fall Endanger Earth 2010 newsletter.

Female Grey Wolf

First, I should mention how Cassie came across my photo on Flickr. On Flickr you can search via titles or full tags. Since I tagged my photo with "wolf" therefore, Cassie was able to find my photo. I often do what Cassie did to find my photo when I'm about to head out on a photo trip. Not because I want to copy what others have done before me, but because I want to know where and what to look for. For example, before leaving for Grand Teton N.P. I did a google image and Flickr search for Mormon Barns, Schwabacher Landing, Ansel Adams, and Oxbow Bend. By doing this kind of basic research before hand, I was able to have a good idea of what gear I needed, what times I should be at each location etc...

Also, I wanted to know why Cassie hand picked my image out of the thousands (167,008 to be exact) of wolf photos that are tagged on Flickr. So, I sent an email back to Cassie asking "why my photo?" Cassie said "Your image stood out from the rest because the swirling snow and the wolf’s expression evoke a really unique mix of serenity and power." WOW, I thought. My image invoked this reaction from someone. I think it is very productive to ask why some likes your photo, so later when you go out and try to sell your images you know what it takes.

Link to newsletter

Cassie went on to say "we’re always on the lookout for great photos showcasing the species we’re working to protect." So all of you out there that would like to get their photos published sometime, remember Flickr and other similar photo sharing sites can indeed help you out. Also, it's important to tag your photos if you want yours to be found!

I have to give Cassie and the folks at the Center for Biological Diversity major props for asking permission to use my photo instead of taking it. If you want to find out more what Cassie and others are up to or would like to contribute to their cause go to

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