Sunday, December 19, 2010

Photo of the Day! Grey Jay in Flight!!

Nikon D90|300mm f2.8 shot @f3.5|ISO 1600|1/1250|f7.1|SB800 for fill flash

This photo took a tremendous amount of time and patience. It was cold and very windy out with the sun fading fast. I've had an idea for a grey jay in flight shot for almost a year. On my most recent trip to northern Minnesota I succeeded on my vision of what I wanted to create.

After several attempts and missing the focus I manually focused roughly 5 inches past the top of the tree. The only problem was I had to time it right when the grey jay would fly into the area of focus. My window of focus was limited since the sun was setting and I was shooting at f3.5 to keep my shutter speeds up.

After missing a few opportunities I made my shot! I am very pleased with the result considering the time I put into this one image. Professional wildlife photographer Scott Bourne always says "don't just take pictures, make pictures." I feel like I made this picture opposed to just taking it.

In the words of Scott Bourne go out there and make a picture!