Thursday, December 17, 2009

A Lot of Subjects

This is a great time of year for wildlife photography. The problem is there are so many subjects to shoot. The white tail deer bucks are in rut, ducks are migrating through and eagles are headed down the big river, there are northern hawk owls, snowy owls and great gray owls up north. Not only that, but recently I saw a kingfisher land on the same tree branch a couple of days in a row. So what should I photograph?

The eagles were not cooperating today, they must have been full from their feeding frenzy from yesterday. So I thought I would sit in front of that tree branch where I had seen the kingfisher previously. Well the kingfisher didn't show either...

So I tried my local duck pond where I found HUNDREDS of ducks and geese. Most of the ducks were mallards, which I have thousands of photos of, but I did see a pair of hooded mergansers. They were pretty far away but it was nice to see them.

Then as I was walking back to my truck I saw this red tailed hawk sitting on a nearby tree branch. I would be celebrating right now if it weren't for all of the little twigs cluttering the photo. But I was still happy with the encounter.

In the end I'll probably head back to the river tomorrow to see if the eagles will cooperate. But maybe I'll check for the kingfisher too, oh and maybe see if the hawk is on a better perch...