Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Sub Zero Eagles

Temperature: -5
Wind: 5-10 mph
Wind Chill: -15 to -20

The weather didn't stop us. The eagles were in the trees and flying over the river, we didn't want to miss it. Good thing too because Derek and I ended up with some pretty good shots.

In total, we stood outside watching and photographing the eagles for about four hours. The funny thing is I got the image above within the first 10 minutes I was there.

Below freezing temperatures can be very hard to deal with, but the truth is that wearing proper gear makes it easy. I wore five layers over my body and legs and two layers over my face and head. I did discover that my gloves and boots are not sufficient for this cold of weather. But that won't stop me, I'll be back out there tomorrow and I will report the details here.