Friday, September 24, 2010

Day 4 - Oxbow Bend

Another iconic place to photograph in Grand Teton National Park is Oxbow Bend. Since this was our first time to the Tetons, we weren't shy about shooting these iconic areas. Something so photogenic makes our job easy. We got several images from different angles.

It was an amazing experience. We actually went to Oxbow Bend two mornings. Day 3 and day 4. It's best shot in the morning with the sunrise behind Moran Mountain. We got there before dawn and shared the area with at least 50 other photographers. As the sun rose we could hear Moose nearby. They make an almost prehistoric sound that could be intimidating in such low light.

Eventually the sun rose to some great photographic opportunities. I've only gone through a few of the images and will be going through more once I get home.