Sunday, September 26, 2010

Day 5 - Yellowstone

We stayed at the Old Faithful Inn and once again got up early on day 5. This was our first morning in Yellowstone. We checked the roads between Old Faithful and West Yellowstone. We got to see some great wildlife. It was our first close look at Elk in the daylight, Bison up close as well as an Osprey, Kingfisher and River Otters.

As we drove the road we saw a Bison near Nez Perce Creek. The Bison wasn't in a good position for a photo, but the scene above Nez Perce Creek was beautiful.

Since Bald Eagles are fairly common in our area, we didn't think we would spend a whole of time looking for eagles. But we spotted an eagle on an old dead tree. It was a great photographic opportunity because it was a different "scene" that we are used to shooting in Minnesota.